About us

Alexandra Bello Productions, LLC is a Video Production Services Company with one purpose: Help you with your innovative branding content.

As we are also a full functioning production company; which can be hired for various content formats productions like ‘promotional videos’, ‘commercials’, ‘events’, ‘photo-shoots’, ‘television magazines or segments’ and ‘documentaries’.

We can also handle an entire phase of your production or even engage in work-for-hire as Alexandra Bello.

Coming from an Event Production and planning background, Alexandra Bello Productions is the direct evolution of a full event and branding experience. We have sister brands that can provide the event’s entertainment while we focus on recording it for history.

We work with different professionals in the industry depending on the client’s requirements regarding equipment.

This is a production company, where a business can build a concept with us to send the right message about their product, purpose, philanthropy, labor, growth or company itself.

Make your company’s events and occasions easy to incorporate into your branding long life path. Let us help you capture the necessary footage.

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Alexandra Bello

Managing Member