Every 58 Hours

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Every 58 Hours Sizzle Reel from ABPTV on Vimeo.

Every 58 Hours is a documentary that analyzes the alarming death statistic of Police and Law Enforcement Officers across the United States. Our men and Women in uniform put themselves in the line of fire every single day to protect our communities and keep us safe from criminals.

Some of them pay the ultimate price and Tommy Ruotolo was no different, he lost his life to a recently released criminal at a gas station.

Team Members:

-Producer: Alexandra Bello
-Director: Alexandra Bello
-Story by: Joseph Johnson
-Executive Producer: Joseph Johnson
-Writers: Joseph Johnson & Alexandra Bello
-Director of Photography: Gaetano Fasulo
-Camera Operator: Gabriel Kipling Tyner
-Camera Operator: Flor Arriaga
-Equipment Line Producer: O’Neal James
-Sound: Ben Clerveaux
-BTS Videographer: Francesca Baltzer
-Makeup Artist: Nina Turano
-Hair Stylist: Lacey B. Johnson
-Production Assistant: Dionne Seay
-Production Assistant: Samuel Gbadebo
-Production Assistant: Jay Haliczer
-Editor: Alexandra Bello


-Narrator (V.O.) Rich Stevens
-Jamil Malik
-Cheryl Frazier
-Jonathan Vargas
-Joseph Johnson


-Anthony Reitano
-Karelle Salzano
-Kenneth Stevenson
-Kevin McCarthy

Also included a real police funeral march footage, courtesy of Tara Schmidt.

About the Director

Alexandra Bello "Producer
Alexandra Bello “Producer”
Photo by Asia Photography

Alexandra Bello comes from the Caribbean born to an eminent Ballet personality ‘Miriam Bello’ and the political published author ‘Cecilio Diaz’. Santo Domingo was kind enough to allow her to get a full round preparation within the arts. Including dancing, violin, piano, orchestra and chorus for over 10 years each discipline. Alexandra also studied Ballet, Ballet Folklore, Modern dances, Jazz, Dance History and Dance music at the Dominican Republic Fine Arts. She has been given the composer/writer’s gift and hopes to explore that gift even more on the future. She was on her first musical as a leading character when she was 9 years old and her first job at the age of 14, was as a co-host and singer with four other girls on the television show: “Sabado Chiquito de Corporan”; transmitted from Dominican Republic to the Caribbean and all South America. Alexandra started her modeling career jointly with her television ventures but she pursued the international Beauty pageants for a longer period of time until she reached the victory with the Miss Atlantic International at the age of 22 years old. She actually lives in South Florida, speaks four languages and has gotten involved in the Video production business once again, accomplishing her second career at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She is now the founder of Film Carpet quarterly Gala screenings and Artistic Times TV.