Film Carpet


Film Carpet is a Community Festival hosted at local Art House Theaters in South Florida by Alexandra Bello Productions, LLC with the purpose of featuring 3 to 4 independent directors together to showcase their short films, select official Screenplays and Official Trailers that will be competing for cash prizes and Awards such as:

$ 500 Best Screenplay
$ 500 Best Trailer, plus the opportunity to participate in the Above the line Crew during the makings of the winning Screenplay into a Movie.

Best Screenplay
Best Trailer
Audience’s Best Trailer

Our main goal is to create a venue for Directors who don’t have the opportunity to showcase their own private Screening due to limited funding. These Directors also have the opportunity to invite their cast & crew to network and exchange ideas with others.

It’s a great opportunity to dress up, have official Red carpet pictures and exclusive interviews.

Films shouldn’t have been made live anywhere online yet and that haven’t premiered in a private screening in Broward County. Also films that are selected on Film Carpet shouldn’t be planning to premiere for at least 3 months post Event.

We strive to always bring industry veterans, Guest speakers, Guest directors and South Florida personalities to deliver a message to our great audience and get acquainted with new and coming writers, actors and filmmakers.

Here is what happened on Film Carpet so far!

Film Carpet 3.0 Xtend ED Part 1 from ABPTV on Vimeo.

Check our latest press release *FILM CARPET 6.0*

BROWARD COUNTY, FL. Film Carpet 6.0 took place in Cinema Paradiso – Art House Theater, located at 503 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. From 7:30-10:30 P.M. on Thursday January 28th of 2016.

Hosted by Alexandra Bello Productions, LLC, this community Event allowed South Florida based, Independent Producers, local Directors and Actors to showcase their latest projects; to exchange ideas and interact with Celebrity Artists and sign autographs to Movie fans.

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