Meet My Mother

Enjoy this short, bittersweet family dinner where the daughter (Denise) comes home to her mom and family with a new boyfriend and unexpected news. Nobody is expecting this dinner to end in the tone it does, but we laugh at one’s misery and then move on.

Key Production
Producer: Alexandra Bello
Director: Stephano Schlanger
Witer: Alexandra Bello
Script Supervisor: Stephano Schlanger
Denise: Nicoletta Depp Hanssen
Adriana: Sharon Pfeiffer
Chris: Christopher Defedele
Uncle Joe: Marc Kroczynski
Papa: Carmine Giangrecco
Jamie: Zane Pappas
Frankie: Richard Sosa
Tony: Alexander Marante
Kaylee: Jenavi Fabian
Saul: Eyal Perelmuter
Director of Photography: Stephano Schlanger
Assistant Director: Alexandra Bello
Assistant Producer: Douglas DeLisle
Script Supervisor: Mary Farah
Key Grip: Justin Brackett
Sound Mixer: David Goldenholz
Sound Mixer: Kristopher Stoltz

About the Director

Stephano Schlanger
Stephano Schlanger The Director

About the Producer

Alexandra Bello "Producer
Alexandra Bello “Producer”
Photo by Asia Photography