Small commercials shot in one day!

Your commercial idea, whether it is to be sold or developed in-house, can be carefully crafted and scheduled for its maximum potential.

Depending on the length we can set up shoot dates for a single day or for the weekend. If you wish to have it set up for a specific day of the week, we will have a unit production crew available for that.

We constantly work with freelancers located in Broward County and Palm Beach County; besides our Company’s main production Crew.

If your concept is already developed, great! But if it isn’t, we count on 4 professional writers that we can recommend to your marketing team, in order to develop a concept and communication strategy, together. We can be useful partners to your campaign process and work simultaneously in various audio visual projects that have as a main goal, to successfully convey your message.

You don’t have to spend any time looking at freelancers and pricing them individually; we can also take care of the casting process for selecting your talent.

Let us schedule a meeting to show you the company’s portfolio or simply watch our Demo Reel contents now! We can also show you our carefully selected freelancer’s portfolio, along with their resumes and other relevant information.

Simply contact us to schedule an appointment.